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Downloading videos from Youtube is extremely important for teachers as it is one of the most improtant sources of authentic video materials. However, one of the main problems I had at the beginning is to adapt the video I needed for my own purposes.
The first issue is – transferring videos to your website/virtual classroom or downloading videos to your own computer (for offline usage).

There are numerous ways of downloading videos from the Internet. I would say that many of them are OK, but you should use the one that suits you the most. It is important to choose the one that is least time consuming and gives you the least headache.

I found the following quite easy to use:

  1. KeepVid – This is my favourite J. You don’t have to download the software or
    downloading videos

    anything. Just go to the and insert the URL of the video you want to download (1). Then click the download button(2), choose the format and size you need (3) and VOILA – the video is on your computer!

  2. Videodownloader Ultimate is a software you need to download on your computer. It is not difficult and it is free. Go to this link and download the software onto your computer. After downloading, you should see the video downloader icon on your computer. When you click this icon you should see ultimatethe list of available videos for download which are open on your computer. (see image on the right). When you open your browser, check if there is a BLUE ARROW in the top right corner of your screen. Now, got to the website containing the video you wish to download (it does not have to be Youtube). Make sure the Video Downloader Ultimate is running. Start playing your video. Once the Video Downloader Ultimate has recognized a video or playlist, the blue arrow will blink yellow a few times.

Click the Video Downloader Ultimate icon on your computer. If theVideo Downloader Ultimate found any video files so far, you will see a list of videos and all detected formats (see image on the right). You can download any format from the list: ultimateformats


A good thing about this software is that you can download a few videos simultaneously.

  1. Videodownloader Professional is another useful tool but only for Google Chrome users. Again, no need to download software. Just add this extension to your GoogleChrome videodownloaderextensionand a new small icon will appear in the top right corner of your screen. iconNow, go to the youtube video you wish to download and you will notice a green DOWNLOAD button below the video. downloadbuttonfullClick on this button and choose the size and type of the video you wish to download. Click on this option and the download starts automatically.

There are many more free software and different ways of downloading videos from the Internet, but these are just a few which I found useful and easy to use.

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