Quizlet – an online learning tool for learning new vocabulary

QUIZLET is an online learning tool that helps students learn new vocabulary.

QUIZLET has been around for quite some time now, but I still find it useful for presenting and practicing vocabulary with my students. And again, I like it because:

  • it is FREE (for most of its application)
  • it is pretty EASY to use
  • you can make 6 different exercises from only ONE study set.
  • it is NOT time consuming
  • automated audio is available in many languages (but not Serbian)
  • it has images
  • exercises can be public or private
  • you can embed exercises on some other websites (see below)
  • there is a mobile app both for IPhone and Android
  • you can make your own classes and monitor the progress of your students (paid version)


In order to start using quizlet, you have to create an account:

First of all, go to https://quizlet.com/.

Then, click on SIGN UP in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

create an account

As you can see, you can sign up with your Google account, your Facebook account but you can also create completely new quizlet account

Finally, once you have created an account, you can:

  • browse the quizlet and use other quizlet member’s flashcards (if they are not set to private)
  • create a new study set which will be tailored to your students’ needs
  • add the free quizlet app on your mobile device

Search or Create


There are 6 different exercises you can make with this tool. But, the first step is to CREATE A STUDY SET:

create a study set

Another import thing to notice is that you can either insert an image:

inserting images

Or just type a definition in the DEFINITIONS column.

Finally, having created a study set, the rest is done automatically.  Your task is only to check if everything’s working and to adjust some parameters:

types of exercises


The first type of exercises are the FLASHCARDS. These are traditional flashcards with a few extra points.



The second type of exercise is LEARN. In this part  students check how many words presented in the FLASHCARDS part they remember. They can hear/read the definition or see an image and write the correct term.

It prompts you with the front or back of the flashcards you made.

learn - how to

What I particularly like about this and other parts of QUIZLET exercises is that it retests students on their mistakes. For example, LEARN shows you where you made a mistake and gives you right solution:



As the title says, this part of QUIZLET deals with SPELLING and instructions are pretty straightforward:


Again, mistakes are dealt with in such a way that students can really learn how to spell. Namely, if a student makes a mistake, the app automatically spells the correct version and shows the student where they made a mistake.

How to correct spelling mistakes

After it has shown you how to do it, the option TRY AGAIN FOR PRACTICE appears and they can do it again.


And now, it’s the testing time!

QUIZLET automatically generates a test using the terms and definitions from the study set. The test has 6 questions max. It also has four questions types. You can customize both options to suit your needs.

You can also decide whether you would like to start with a TERM or DEFINITION

Customize your test

The test is completed, so it is time to relax. In QUIZLET, we relax with two GAMES: 


This is a race against the clock to match the terms with their definitions or images.

Race against the clock6. GRAVITY

Another game where your terms are crashing down as asteroids. This time, you are protecting the planets by typing correct definitions to move up in levels from planet to planet. As you move up the levels gravity increases and the terms fall faster and faster. If you get a term wrong it will come back next time as a red asteroid. In case you get a red asteroid wrong, the game is over.

My students love this game and it comes as a prize at the end of hard work.

Gravity - gamification

Despite the fact that Gravity is a game, it doesn’t forgive mistakes:

Learn, learn and learn again

Last two activities in QUIZLET are a good example of gamification , which basically motivates them to continue with learning.

ADVANTAGES – summing up

I would like, once again, to emphasize how QUIZLET is easy to use. Directions on the website are clear and concise and you don’t have to be computer savvy to make your study sets and to offer your students a new and interesting way of learning vocabulary.


So far, we have been talking only about good sides of QUIZLET. However, it has a few downsides:

  1. Choice of images is limited in the unpaid version, while in the paid version you can upload your own images
  2. Also, it is not possible to record a term or definition in the unpaid version and some of the automated audio is not pronounced properly
  3. Furthermore, there is no context to the words – QUIZLET practices only TERMS, but there is no practical use of the words and phrases. There is no context. So, when your students are done with a study set you prepared, it doesn’t mean that they can use the presented vocabulary in context. They should be able to recognize the words when they see them. But, you should now organize practical tasks and exercises where they will try to use these words in context.


As I mentioned at the beginning, this online learning tool is FREE, but you can UPGRADE to “QUIZLET teacher” for only $25 / year.

The benefits of upgrading to QUIZLET teacher are numerous:

  • There are no ads
  • You can – create your own classes to organize your study sets
  • You can upload your own images
  • You can record your own audio
  • You will stand out as a teacher on Quizlet
  • You will receive early access to new features

Finally, if you wish to get 20% off Quizlet Teacher, visit this link:  https://quizlet.com/upgrade?referrer=mirjanaivancev


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