Moodle Training – Macedonian Experience

Moodle and online learning in general are particularly interesting for the Military personnel because they are usually scattered all over a country/countries, they have different working hours and busy schedules.

Based on the experience of Serbian MOD teaching team related to using Moodle for online learning, British Council Macedonia invited my colleague, Robert Buckmaster and me to introduce the Moodle platform  to Macedonian MOD teachers.  The goal of a three day Moodle training was to to introduce Moodle, to share our experience of using Moodle for teaching Military English and to see if it would be useful for teaching English in Macedonian MOD.

So, a few weeks ago I visited Skopje for the first time in my life.  Continue reading Moodle Training – Macedonian Experience

Pros & Cons of Online Learning

Online (distance) learning has become very popular in last 10 years or so. Reasons for this are numerous:


1. LACK OF TIME  if you asked people what they lack the most, I believe that most of them would say TIME. We are constantly in a rush, either due to too many obligations or bad time management. So, if one wishes to attend any kind of course, one literally has to ‘steal’ the time. This is where online courses come on stage. They can save not only time, but also money and they are accessible round the clock.

Plan your online course

2. THE LATEST CONTENT AT MUCH LOWER COST  – online courses do not include costs such as: textbooks, boards and markers, rooms etc and the availability of latest material is easily accessible. This is why they can be offered at much lower price than regular F2F courses.  Continue reading Pros & Cons of Online Learning

ELTISI virtual classroom

Students come to school to learn a language usually twice or maybe three times a week. However, if they wish to progress more quickly, they need to study more than that. If directed properly they can study alone, without a tutor.

With this in mind, we have set up a website,, where exercises for individual practice are added on a regular basis. The type of exercises we add is mostly determined according to our students’ needs. Exercises are grouped according to the age group and interests (kids, business, exams), and topics (grammar, vocabulary, reading).

New exercises are also added based on the results we recieve from Google Analytics.virtual classroom - online exercises Continue reading ELTISI virtual classroom