ELTISI virtual classroom

Students come to school to learn a language usually twice or maybe three times a week. However, if they wish to progress more quickly, they need to study more than that. If directed properly they can study alone, without a tutor.

With this in mind, we have set up a website, http://www.eltisi.com, where exercises for individual practice are added on a regular basis. The type of exercises we add is mostly determined according to our students’ needs. Exercises are grouped according to the age group and interests (kids, business, exams), and topics (grammar, vocabulary, reading).

New exercises are also added based on the results we recieve from Google Analytics.virtual classroom - online exercises

In addition to our website, our students can use ELTISI virtual classroom at http://virtual.eltisi.com for additional practice. This online classroom is established using the MOODLE – an open source learning platform. There are two kinds of courses in Moodle – blended and standalone courses.

Virtual classroom - course B1


Although it was initially developed to help our students do additional work, today our virtual classroom is used by a lot of students whom we have never met in person.

Many people have come to realize the advantages of this kind of learning. One of the most important advantage is the 24/7 accessibility.

At first, the main drawback of http://virtual.eltisi.com was our inability to practice all four skills: READING, LISTENING, SPEAKING and WRITING. We were able to practice reading and writing effectively, but the other two skills were not incorporated.

This has, however, changed with the help of numerous PLUG-INS which we have integrated into our Moodle course.

Over the years, MOODLE has been developing and, in line with that, our online classroom and knowledge have been developing too.

People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!

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