Why Moodle and not some other LMS?

Really, why Moodle? I am aware of numerous platforms and different ways of learning and teaching English online However, MOODLE has been my number one learning platform for 15 years now.

Why Moodle? There are many reasons for this:

  1. This is the first learning platform I started using back in 2003 and I have a feeling that “technologically” I grew up with it. I was learning slowly following its development. snail
  2. It is FREE!- A very important issue for an English teacher. However, not everything is free. You need someone to help you upload it, customize it, configure it, host, upgrade and manage. Moodle
  3. Another important reason is that it is constantly developed, upgraded and supported by a global community
    of developers. Software developers are regularly updating Moodle to meet the needs of its users.
  4. It is easy to learn (even for an English teacher ;-)). What I particularly like are the forums where you can connect with other Moodlers, ask questions and find answers to your questions. Since it is one of the most popular LMS nowadays, you will rarely have a question which hasn’t already been answered.
  5. Customizable! – Magic word! You can adapt Moodle to whatever you have been up to. At the beginning, it wasn’t like that. But, people have realized its potential. So, they started developing various PLUGINS which can be EASILY integrated in your personal Moodle. Langauge teachers particularly like: Hotpotatoes, various quiz questions, Wiziq, certificates….)
Teachers make Moodle dynamic!

One thing I’ve noticed  is that people frequently use this learning system as a repository of PDF documents. That is OK. But, Moodle is much more than that. It is HIGHLY INTERACTIVE and extremely beneficial for students:

  • Access to courses available 24/7
  • Get instant feedback on the results of exercises
  • Same exercise can be done many times
  • Receive grades immediately
  • They can learn both individually and can collaborate with other learners
  • They can adapt the pace of learning to their own abilities and concentration. Can read and listen to instructions and presentations as many times as possible.

A piece of advice for the end…. Before starting developing a Moodle course consider the following:

  • Who your students are?
  • How motivated they are for learning?
  • Why they want to take up this course?
  • What goal we would like to achieve at the end of the course?
  • If you are familiar with software that you need to use at this course?

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